Hydrogel Menthol Pain Relief Patch

Size available : 10 x 14 cm
Color available : white and light green

  • Info :

    Sheng Chun Tang Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Location: Taiwan
    Sheng Chun Tang Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Description :

Formulated with menthol, methyl salicylate, spearmint oil, and herbal extracts.
The adding of specified ingredients (additive) is also available subject to feasibility.
Good for temporary relief of contusion, strains, sprains, backache, stiff shoulder Lumbago, bruises, arthritis.
Manufactured by patented technology "Microencapsulation" (please refer to the illustrated certificate) through which volatile ingredients are microencapsulated to release the efficacy constantly and stably.
Deep penetration and fast absorption. No grease and low irritation , flexible and stay firmly . Easy to carry and use . Excellent for hairy skin.

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