Allyl iodide CAS# 556-56-9

Allyl iodide | CAS# 556-56-9

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General Information :
Product Code II0098
Product Name Allyl iodide
Synonyms ALLYL IODIDE, 3-Iodopropene, 3-Iodo-1-propene, 1-Propene, 3-iodo, 3-iodoprop-1-ene
CAS No. 556-56-9
ECS No. 209-130-4
HSN Code 29420090
Chemical Formula C3H5I
Molecular Weight 167.98
Product Category Intermediate, reagent
Chemical Properties :
Appearance Yellow to dark red clear liquid with pungent odor.
Solubility Miscible with alcohol, ether & Immiscible in water.
Gravity 1.806-1.837gm/ml
Boiling Point 98° C to 104° C
Moisture Not More Than 0.50%
Assay By (GC) Not less than 97.50%

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