​VeriSee DR

VeriSee DR is a Taiwan and Thailand FDA-approved diagnostic software for diabetic retinopathy (DR).

  • Info :
    A subsidiary of the Acer Group that employs communication expertise and a focus on AI and big data analysis technology, to work with hospitals and healthcare-related industries in cross-domain collaboration, and design and develop intelligent medical products for use within the healthcare field and promotion on the international market.

Description :

 It uses AI and assists healthcare professionals to analyze retinal images for signs of DR and outputs recommendation on referral to ophthalmologists. The analyzed results can be edited with additional annotations before exporting as a PDF file. VeriSee DR has a screening accuracy of 93%, which is comparable to ophthalmologists. It is an effective solution that can shorten the screening process, increase the volume of screenings, improve the accuracy and consistency of the results, reduce costs, and improve patient outcome.

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