Portable suction unit(SU-990)

Model SU-990 (New)
Dimension (MM) 200x350 x 205
Vacuum Pump Oil-less piston
Airflow rate (approx.) 13 – 15 L/min
Vacuum range (±10%) 0 – 600mmHg
Overflow prevention Yes
Collection bottle 1000ml x 1pc
12V battery operation (From the full charge)
1 – 1.5 hrs or(Option for 3 hr)
Standard accessory Suction tubing 1000ml jar
Optional accessory Bacteria

  • Info :

    Gemmy Industrial Corporation
    Location: Taiwan
    Gemmy Industrial Corporation

Description :

SU-990: 【New】(Battery Rechargeable for EMERGENCY purpose) 
- Comes with plug-in cable available for use in ambulance, car or anyplace where 12VDC is available for emergency purpose.
- Equipped with a Sealed Lead-Acid 12V rechargeable battery and an automatic charging system to function a fully automatic power charge at the same time when AC mains power is used. 
- 1 to 1.5 hours are available for operate from the full charge of battery.  Or optional for battery capable of 3 – 3.5 hours.  Ideal for use in areas where the failure of mains power, unstable current or the blackout occurs every often. 
- 3-steps switch for SU-990 functions Suction、OFF and Charge.

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