Portable suction unit(SU-510)

Dimension (MM) 450 x 250 x 310
Vacuum Pump Oil Rotary Oil-Less
Airflow rate (approx.) 80 L/min 45 L/min
Vacuum range (±10%) 0 – 700 0 – 680
Overflow prevention Yes .
Collection bottle 1000ml x 2pc (Option for plastic or Glass).
12V battery operation (From the full charge) N.A.
Standard accessory Suction tubing x 2 1000ml jar.
Optional accessory Bacteria filter.

  • Info :

    Gemmy Industrial Corporation
    Location: Taiwan
    Gemmy Industrial Corporation

Description :

- Equipped with oil-less piston vacuum pump ensures lubrication free and maintenance free
- A 1000ml autoclaveable plastic or glass (Please specify) collection jar graduated in “ml” with fluid overflow preventive stopper.
- Built-in vacuum gauge ranges 0 – 760mmHg (0 – 30inHg) easy for direct reading.
- All models are CE-certified complied with EC electromagnetic compatibility requirement of EN60601-1-2. 

- Choice of oil rotary vane pump or oil-less piston vacuum pump to suit your intended purpose.
- Comes with 2 plastic collection jars incorporated with overflow preventive stopper.
- Comes with footswitch providing another choice of operation for intermittent and continuous suction procedure

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