Orbital shaker(VRN-360)

Model VRN-360
Overall dimension 300 x 320 x 200mm
Platform dimension 263 x 263mm
Speed range 75 x 250 rpm
Orbit size (dia.) 21mm
Load at 100 rpm 1 kg
Net weight 3.2 kg
Speed readout N.A.
Eccentric One
Operation Switch / Timer
Fixed speed 130rpm

  • Info :

    Gemmy Industrial Corporation
    Location: Taiwan
    Gemmy Industrial Corporation

Description :

- Economical, yet designed for long-term uniform mixing.  Ideal for mixing test solutions in micro-titration assays, and also for use in hematology, urology, or EIA/ELISA immunology.  Applications for Alpha, Kline, Mazzini, Syphills, Pregnancy and others. 
- Textured non-slip rubber foam mixing pad holds various sizes of printed well slides, culture plates, flasks, and test tube racks by means of friction. 
- Set speed from 75 – 250rpm.  Also designed for fixed speed shaking at 130rpm or any other values of fixed speed that can be self-adjustable. 
- Lighted ON/OFF switch makes it easy to see if unit is operating. 
- Contoured platform allows VRN-210 to hold three 96-well micro plates and six plates for VRN-200 and VRN-360.
- Operate continuously or set time for intermittent shaking up to 60 minutes.

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