Automated Microscopy Scanner (μ-Scan)

μ-Scan designed by WellGen is Medium volume scanner equipped with detection function for TB ( Tuberculosis ) screening. Our scanner operates as a platform which integrates frustrated microscopy job parallel and vertically. This product shall become your best supportie in medical laboratory.

  • Info :

    WellGen Medical Co., Ltd

    Location: Taiwan

Description :

Item Specifications
Model μ-Scan
Power Input 100-240(V) 50-60(Hz)     4A @ 115Vac, 2A @ 230Vac (A)
Power Output 24(V) 10.42(A) 250W

Length   58cm

Width    51cm

Height   39cm

Weight 43±3 (Kg)
Slide Tray 8-piece Multi-Slide Tray
Analysis Speed under acid-fast stain 3 min/slide (Customized)
Language Traditional Chinese

Processor (Intel core i7), RAM (8GB DDR3), SSD (256G), Hard drive (1 TB SATA), Windows 10 OS

Instrument Safety

A enclosed system with ABS and steel plate cover to minmize leaks of hazardous materials. Instrument status is indicated by LED display.

Accessories Power cable, user manual, a 8-piece multi-slide tray

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