Stand up lift-7201

Lifting capacity 200 kg / 440 lbs • Smart and safe
Item#7201 is a well-designed aluminum stand up lift with a max. load of 200kg. It is TUV certified per ISO 10535.
It offers a robust solution when used in the home, institutional and aged care environments for those who need gait
training or transfer from sitting to standing with comfort and safety. The compact T-shape sling bar offers versatility
in patient grip points and multiple sling hooks to meet various user needs. The height and width adjustable PU knee
pads offer lower leg comfort and security during transfers. The knock-down for mast is easy for storage and transfer.

  • Info :

    Genteel Homecare Products Co., Ltd.
    Location: China
    Genteel Homecare Products Co., Ltd.

Description :

 ■ Made of lightweight aluminum, easy to roll and easy to keep clean

■ Designed for those who needs gait training or transfer in bath or toilet

■ Strong and comfortable handles for easy operating

■ PU knee pad is water-repellent and comfortable

■ Adjustable boom length and knee pad height & width for personal needs

■ Safe and stable with electrical raising and lowering

■ Skidproof foot pad

■ Strong and comfortable handles for easy operating

■ 3" for both front and rear wheels

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