Majestic Series Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

Redefined version with added features like, patented straight chestpiece's twin stem tubing, uniquely design twister thread bells with key to facilitate easiest way of replacing diaphragms.

  • Info :

    Spirit Medical Co., Ltd.
    Location: Taiwan
    Spirit Medical Co., Ltd.

Description :

  • The patented straight chestpiece’s twin stem tubing connector for an optimum acoustical perception
  • Dual sided chestpiece, attached with 3 sizes bell non-chill rings (Small, medium and large)
  • Adjustable head frame with external spring
  • O-rings securely placed on the trunk to prevent foreign body to get into the chestpiece and to eliminate sound disturbance
  • Comes complete with a vinyl wallet for relevance accessories and replacement parts

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