Autoclave - Tabletop - AUTO - Super Falcon Series - SA-230,260 FA(Super Falcon Series)

The autoclaves are engineered with Microprocessor Technology, providing advanced features for more sophisticated chamber sensors, user interfaces and warning and alert systems. They are designed for Wrapped, Solid and optional Liquid sterilization.
The straightforward control panel is especially designed for staff from all types of backgrounds and experience levels, increasing efficiency and minimizing user error, while still providing enough functionality to get the job done.

  • Info :

    Sturdy Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Location: Taiwan
    Sturdy Industrial Co., Ltd.

Description :


  • Easy Program Selector
  • Pressure overload protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Pressure auto door lock
  • Emergency/reset buttons
  • Auto water fill
  • Chamber size: 24/40 L

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