RadiantLite™ II Series Diagnostic Penlight

The super premium model diagnostic penlights use LED technology that will virtually never burn out. Innovative power switch such as “Tip TOP” push-button switch and “Tip Top”push-button switch are both easy operating and very sturdy.

  • Info :

    Spirit Medical Co., Ltd.
    Location: Taiwan
    Spirit Medical Co., Ltd.

Description :

  • CK-909 offers a sturdy lightweight design, as well as a two-way on / off switch for convenient use. The “Tip TOP” push-button switch allows the unit to be activated in short bursts, while the pocket clip can lock the unit in the “on” position. This allows both convenience of use, as well as increased battery life.
  • CK-908 Made from lightweight and sturdy metal case, features secured high lux cool light bulb, “Tip Top”push-button switch and pocket clip. Comes in with or without imprinted pupil gauge / slide scale and in different finishes, i.e. anodized, matte, nickel chrome or “Duracote” solid colors.

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