InsightEyes EGD System- wired magnetic-assisted capsule endoscope (MACE)

The InsightEyes EGD System is a medical device designed to observe the upper digestive tract (esophagus, stomach, duodenum). The device provides responsive real-time video and control is achieved through a magnetic field navigator.

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    Location: Taiwan

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Description :

The wired endoscope provide the linear direction for physician to control the endoscope backward and forward movement. Operating with MFN, a magnetic field navigator, physician could easily operate the wired magnetic capsule endoscope in 3-dimnetion space in human digest tract.

It realizes anesthesia-free, painless, disposable and cross infection-free upper gastrointestinal endoscopy with an easy examination process and high patient acceptance.

Patient could swallow the fish oil capsule-like endoscope intuitively. During examination process, it is anesthesia free. Patient could even communicate with doctor during examination.

We all experience COVID-19 pandemic since early 2020. The aerosol-generating procedure rise the possibility infection rate for medical personnel. InsightEyes EGD System could effectively avoid the infection percentage.

The system also provide a better option for patient who is fear of conventional endoscopic examinations, and highly avoids risks of anesthesia and postoperative complications. We believe this system could provide early diagnosis and early treatment for various common diseases of the esophagus and stomach. In addition, we also provides medical equipment rental service.

Product Component:

  1. Aries E500i
    Controls main power supply and imaging functions (e.g. zoom and brightness) for InsightEyes EGD video relay.
    -Light Weight, 5.5kg.
    -3 Light metering modes: Intelligent, Central, Average.
    -Auto Exposure, Manual Exposure.
    -1080P Resolution.
  2. InsightEyes EGD Dongle
    Extension cable, allows for convenient placement of the Aries E500i. Connects InsightEyes EGD to the Aries E500i.
  3. InsightEyes MFN
    Guides the InsightEyes EGD via magnetic forces during examination.
  4. InsightEyes EGD

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