​POCKIT Central Nucleic Acid Analyzer

POCKIT™ Central offers an affordable and fully automated molecular testing platform by combining magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction, robotic arm liquid transfer, and iiPCR nucleic acid amplification.

  • Info :

    GeneReach Biotechnology Corporation, headquartered in Taiwan, is dedicated to bringing the innovation to global health management. 

Description :

 Users simply add samples, tap the screen, and after 85 minutes, the lab-equivalent results are ready. Complicated operation procedure and human operation error are eliminated. Sophisticated nucleic acid testing becomes easy, affordable and available anywhere, anytime. POCKIT™ Central offers >170 reagent products to address the needs of disease prevention, early diagnosis, and biodefense in different markets including human diseases. Quality system in compliance with ISO 13485:2016 and GMP regulation.

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