Disposable Infusion Set

Vented Spike with 3 micro filter.
20 drops/ml.
Y injection port(40mm) – rubber pad (Latex free).
Diameter: 2.9x3.9mm.
Tube length: 160cm+20cm.
Non-DEHP fluid path , Latex free.
Available : Male luer slip tip / Maler luer lock tip / Rotating male luer lock tip.

  • Info :

    Perfect Medical Industry Co., Ltd.
    Location: Taiwan
    Perfect Medical Industry Co., Ltd.

Description :

  1. Our disposable infusion sets are for single use only in order to prevent cross infection.
  2. They are safe and easy to use for intravenous injections.
  3. Made with medical-grade PVC material
  4. Infusion set are EO-sterilized, non-toxic and pyrogen free
  5. avaialbel with pediatric IV set ( 60D)
  6. Latex-free injection site

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