LUMINDEX 5 LED headlight

LUMINDEX 5 LED headlight

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    Dentmate Technology Co., Ltd.
    Location: Taiwan

    Dentmate Technology Co., Ltd.

Description :

“Simple, but not normal”, the central belief of our medical headlight-LUMINDEX 5. We have continuously studied, innovated, and experienced to design a high-concentration illumination optical system refer to the feedback from several third parties.

1. The multi-piece optical lens to deliver uniform spot light and shadow free image to release eye strain.

2. Various light-level adjustments.

3. Reduce the burden on back and neck by lightweight design.

4. Innovative multi-directional wire design, which assists to fit in any kind of glasses effectively, and also avoid the damage situation such as excessive bending by attachment connection.

5. The convenient design of detachable wire allows removing cord and headlight independently and efficiently. It assists users to save time and reduce the cost of resources and money.

6. Wireless QI inductive charging.

7. Connecting the Application through Bluetooth that able to control lighting, monitor the using status, or personalize setting via APP.

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