ReBorn Essence NOVA Minimal Invasive System

The ReBron Essence NOVA Minimal Invasive System is designed for treatments in Spinal diseases. The poly axial screws with long breakable blades are simplifying the mini-open spine surgery. The rods come with different lengths. The NOVA MIS can be applied on both percutaneous and mini-open operation.

  • Info :

    BAUI Biotech Co., Ltd.
    Location: Taiwan
    BAUI Biotech Co., Ltd.

Description :

NOVA MIS mainly focus on reducing blood loss, tissue and ligament trauma, and hospital stays. NOAV are employed several unique strengths: 

  1. Applied on both percutaneous and mini-open approaches.
  2. One-piece implant design reduces surgery time by eliminating the installation of the sleeves. Decreases the chance of infection refers to less contact with reused tools.
  3. The pilot holes on the top of the blades can assist on screw alignment.
  4. Reduction ready, maximum up to 2 degrees spondylolisthesis of reduction capability.
  5. The half pipe design are focusing on having less incision at Lumbosacral Area. Percutaneous, one screw per incision, left with patient with multiple wounds. With Nova, surgeons will be able to decrease the number of incision, and having every process needed in the meaning of decompression at only 1 incision per each side.
  6. Wide window for visibility and rod insertion: Nova System is reducing the incision and gives surgeon a better in situ view with mini-open approach. NOVA mini-open approach is capable of implanting cages.
  7. Unique tool 3 in 1 Awl: Self-tapping and Self-drilling are made for faster implantation.
  8. Cork effects with assist of cannulated screws, give user a better and secure surgical experience.

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