BBN09 Hippo Multi-Function Air compressor nebulizer system

Hippo Multi-Function Air Compressor Nebulizer System is Special awarded globally cute design, which help to make end users love the product. Simple and easy operation.

  • Info :

    Tai Yu International Mfy Ltd.
    Location: Taiwan
    Tai Yu International Mfy Ltd.

Description :

  • Power 75W (110V) & 90VA (220-240V)
  • Ideal for provide aerosol treatment to any age group
  • High efficiency motor to achieve fast drug delivery time
  • Low noise with consistent pressure and flow rate
  • Built-in 'safety-cut-out' device to prevent motor from overheat
  • Cute shape to give comfort for child use
  • Can hook nebulizer or mask at body tail during treatments
  • IEC cord
  • Functions: 1) Aerosol treatment 2) Nasal allergy3) Mucus removal 4) Wound cleaning or sterilising5) Cleaning for sinusitis or rhinitis
  • Accessories included:
    1 x nebulizer, 1 x mouth piece, 6 x filter.
    2 x mask (one adult one kid), 2 x 2M tube.
    1 x nasal spray bottle, 1 x nasal suction bottle.
    1 x soft spray bottle & 1 x large nasal rinse bottle.

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