MDB-900 Obstetric & Delivery Bed

Feature: Design for Gynecology and maternity patient at any stage of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. This bed makes it unnecessary to moving the woman in labour to another bed at any time.

  • Info :

    Medical-Master Co., Ltd.
    Location: Taiwan
    Medical Master

Description :

  1. Bedstead
  • Power coating steel tube frame
  • Bedend easy to assemble/ disassemble without tools
  • New bedstead design with durable actuator for better stability and load up to 230 kg

  1. Convenience
  • Build-in control unit at inside & outside of both rails
  • Option remote handset
  • Removable foot switch to control in any side
  • Various store compartment on rail and chassis cover
  • Special design platform (back) for easy replace and storage
  1. Comfortable
  • Removable ABS platform
  • Full electric operation with battery back-up
  • Low height design (min to 510 mm)
  • Height adjustable from 510~830 mm (with 125 mm caster)
  • Back adjustable from 0 to 85°
  • Trendelenburg from 0 to 13°
  • Automatic pelvic tilt from 0 to 8° (with back raising)
  • Press reduce PU foam mattress
  1. Safety
  • 125 mm diameter caster with central brake pedal in the both sides of bed end (option: 150 mm TENTE twin caster)
  • ABS chassis cover protect the bed mechanism and facilitates cleaning
  • Quick release device on both side of back for emergency condition
  • Seamless production on pelvic mattress to prevent blood leakage
  • Operation table level clamp to secure the accessories will fatten on rail during operation


Overall dimension

L2150 x W1060 mm +/- 5% (to rotating bumper)


L1900 x W910 mm +/- 5%
(back: 970; buttock: 400; feet: 480)

Adjustable height

510~830 mm +/- 5%

Back adjustment

0~85˚ +/- 5

Knee adjustment

0~8˚ +/- 1 (adjustable with back)



Side rail specification

Build-in control unit on head side (gap< 60 mm)
With storage space for personal item and angle indicator
PP material with gas-spring assistance

Manual CPR (back)

Dural side (quick release by 3 sec)

Control system

Low volatgae motor system x 3

Recharge battery

Standard (60 times use after full charge)

Build in control unit

Standard (2 inner and 2 outer) for back and hi-low adjustment

Foot switch control unit (with cable)

Back adjustment/ Hi-low adjustment/ Trendelenburg/ Chair position

IV pole and socket

1 units IV pole with 4 units socket

Sleeping surface

3 sections; back section by steel pan, buttock by ABS sheet, feet by removable cushion

Head/ foot board

PP material, detachable (color option)


125 mm central locking system


10 cm with seamless cover

3 adjustable length

Bed length; exam length; delivery length with auto-lock system


Leg crutches with clamp x 1 pair
Hand grip with clamp x 1 pair
SS basin x 1 unit
IV pole x 1 unit

Loading capacity

Max. 230 kg

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