HP series

HP Series are capable of wrapped, solid, liquid and vacuum based tubal or hollow instrument sterilization. The control panel includes a printer and a USB flash drive port for recording sterilization data. HP Series uses a convenient Touch Screen to manage almost all sterilization setup and configurations.

  • Info :

    Sturdy Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Location: Taiwan
    Sturdy Industrial Co., Ltd.

Description :


  • Touch screen
  • Fractioned pre vacuum air removal
  • User Login / Password security
  • Jacket warm-up function
  • Bowie Dick, Leakage, Helix Test diagnostics
  • Overheat protection
  • Pressure auto door lock
  • Emergency button
  • Independent steam generator
  • Customization program
  • Digital print and USB port
  • Cylindrical chamber size: 100, 143, 196, 350 (L)

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