As a Medium Frequency Interferential Treatment Device, this Four Channel E-TENS™ promises to offer effective pain management, with interchangeable and user-friendly programs. Features four channels which operates independently, users can apply different intensities of treatment to different body parts in one setting.
The E-TENS™ also features the famous Russian Current-the long researched and proven effective current for TENS treatment.
Additionally, the adjustable medium frequencies are topped with interferential current to prevent adaptation. In turn, E-TENS™ will continue to provide comfortable, yet stimulating effects each time.

  • Info :

    Wandy Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Location: Taiwan
    Wandy Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd.

Description :

♦ Features

♦ Specifications

► 7 Modes

► Medium Frequency (2.5~7.5kHz)

► 4 Channels (Independant)

► Coated Exterior

► Output Intensity - 0V p-p ~ 70V p-p

►Frequency Range - 1Hz ~ 7.5KHz (Adjustable)

► Modes - 7 modes include TEN & EMS modes

► Dimensions - H 60mm, W 170mm, L 240mm

► Weight - 800g (Net)


 Wiring cables
Power Adaptor
Carry Case

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