AK-350 Portable Interferential Current (IF) Stimulator

Portable Interferential current (IF) Stimulator (手持中頻儀)
Vector IF therapy for pain-relief purpose
To improve body pains such as for muscle, joints, ankles, limbs and some sport injuries

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    Astek Technology Ltd.
    Location: Taiwan
    Astek Technology Ltd.

Description :

Portable Interferential current (IF) Stimulator

AK-350 – IF (3000 Hz)

Interferential current (IF) technology is usually used on rehabilitation pain-relief purpose as well as muscle training (EMS) and heavy message demand

To improve body pain such as for muscle, joints, ankles, limbs and sports injuries. For pain-relief of stiff shoulders, tennis elbow, neck sprain, strained limbs, ankles and feet as well as to improve nerve pain like arthritis and neuralgia for instance

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