Differential blood cell counter, electronic(DBC-8E)

CE , GMP, FDA , ISO 9001 , ISO 13485
Model DBC-8E
Leucocytes 8 units
Totalizer Yes
Control Microprocessor
Display LED 0-999
Alarm at 100 Buzzer
% Display Yes
Clear Yes
Net weight 2.0 kg
Functions Clear, Lock Decrease, %

  • Info :

    Gemmy Industrial Corporation
    Location: Taiwan
    Gemmy Industrial Corporation

Description :


The Schilling Group of Leucocytes:
Baso. Eoisn. Seg. Lymph. Mono. Myelo. Juven. Stab

- 8 units lab-count with totalizer. For simplifying differential blood cell counts. 
- The 8 keys represent the normal Schilling Groups of Leucocytes. The above keys are the name and picture of particular cell.
- Each stroke registers both in the unit correspond- ing to its pressed key and in the window.
- When a total of every 100 cells are counted, a bell rings.  DBC-8E features the percentage of each type of cell to be read from the window above each key.  Manually count and display from 0 – 999.
- Counter clockwise rotate handle, it will clear figures.


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