National Chiao-Tung University GLORIA

Smart HIS & smart medical devices Systems

The National Chiao-Tung University GLORIA (GLObal Research and Industry Alliance) integrates smart medical information systems, smart medical devices, and IoT devices to provide a smart medical information integration platform for medical and health care institutions. Through this platform, medical and nursing institutions can use the up-to-date smart medical equipment, such as hand-held fundus & ENaT  camera, smart blood pressure monitor, portable attachable ECG, and hand-held ultrasound instrument, at the medical and care site or remote site, and timely integrates all measured body data into the electronic medical record (EMR), providing real-time information to the physicians and caregivers to be consulted and recorded in the organization's information management file . In addition to solving the problem that the current data between different instruments and devices cannot communicate with each other, and through this integrated database of various medical data, various advanced artificial intelligence (AI) judgment and counseling systems can use more accurate data to get a more satisfactory judgment result. 


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