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Insight Medical Solutions Inc. is founded in 2015, specialized Upper GI track endoscope. Our product, InsightEyes EGD System, is designed and manufactured in Taiwan. It realizes anesthesia-free, painless, disposable and cross infection-free of upper GI endoscopy. In 2019, InsightEyes EGD System has been qualified by TFDA, GMP, ISO13485, and got CE mark in 20201 

Insight Medical Solutions Inc.

For patent strategy, InsightEyes EGD System is patented in EU (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Czech, Poland, Ireland) for 24 cases, China for 9 cases, USA for 1 case, and Taiwan for 12 cases. 

Clinical trails 

Insight Medical Solution conducts clinical trials in the very beginning to verify efficacy and safety of product, and conducting clinical trials for tracing product post-market surveillance after InsightEye EGD System is launched to Taiwan market.

<Time Clinical Trials Purpose>

2016.11 Completed Clinical Trial in Taipei Wanfang Hospital Verify product safety 

2018.12 Completed Clinical Trial of Hsinchu MacKay Memorial Hospital Verify product examination completeness and set up examination SOP 

2019.12 Completed Clinical Trial by Beijing Cancer Hospital, Beijing Institute for Cancer Research Phase 1 study in China  

2020.3 Initiated Clinical Trial in progress in National Cheng Kung University Hospital Post market surveillance, the study in small-bowel diagnostics

2020.3 Completed Clinical Trial of Taipei City Hospital Post market surveillance, the feasibility of upper GI examination in Home Care 

2020.7 Completed Clinical Trial of Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital Post market surveillance, compared diagnosis satisfaction with conventional endoscope 

2020.12 Clinical Trial in progress Taipei Veterans General Hospital Post market surveillance, the study of esophageal varices in specific patients

2021.01 Clinical Trial in progress in National Taiwan University Hospital Post market surveillance, the application of specific clinical symptoms in ER room


Clinical articles

  1. Lien, Gi-Shih, et al. "Feasibility and safety of a novel magnetic-assisted capsule endoscope system in a preliminary examination for upper gastrointestinal tract." Surgical endoscopy 32.4 (2018): 1937-1944.
  2. Lin, Yang-Chao, et al. "Feasibility of Upper Gastrointestinal Examination in Home Care Setting with a Magnetically Assisted Capsule Endoscopy System: A Retrospective Study." Healthcare. Vol. 9. No. 5. Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2021.

InsightEyes EGD System