Apex Biotechnology Corp.

Detailed Company Profile

No. 7, Li-Hsin 5th Rd. Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu City 30078, Taiwan
Tel:(886-3)564 1952  Fax:(886-3)567 8302
Email: info@apexbio.com
Website: www.apexbio.com

State-of-the-glucose Monitoring Systems from Taiwan
ApexBio established in the Hsinchu Science Park in December 1997. Our main products adopt biosensor based technology to help monitor chronic diseases and improve patients living quality.

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Products through many international certifications
ApexBio is recognized by international and regional media repeatedly as the leading medical device company from Taiwan. We manufacture our products in ISO 13485, all of our products have major regulatory certifications such as FDA, CE, CFDA, etc. Visit us online today to learn more at www.apexbio.com.

Apexbio history

To become a leading IVD company and a total solution provider in healthcare
We continuously seek for alliances all over the world, and hope to provide them with the most flexible and efficient solution based on our experienced OEM/ODM services, and integrated supply chain, which able to support our partners and us to penetrate various markets worldwide.

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