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Chair Side Work Station & Oral suction

Oral Suction

The source of contamination for the dentist is from the mouth. The contamination of the dentist's environment comes from oral droplets.
One type of equipment that can quickly cut off the source of pollution is the Oral suction.
Oral suction immediately removes the bacterial droplets that are ejected from the mouth, and then performs HEPA filtration, then deodorizes the odor, then sterilizes it with UV (can be attached to the hospital laboratory sterilization report), and finally discharges the sterile air. It can ensure that doctors and assistants who are in the medical space for a long time and patients are not infected by oral sources.
Oral suction has been patented in many countries and has been proven to be effectively sterilized by medical laboratories.

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Chair Side Work Station / Clinical Denture Working Dust

It is a device that can be used clinically by expert collection dentists, and can be easily moved and highly clean.
The Chair Side Work Station has a wide and bright grinding space, and the height can be adjusted automatically according to your needs. It can be used for grinding dentures and sandblasting.
Chair Side Work Station:
Having a built-in air compressor for unrestricted air blasting without the need for external high pressure air.
Being equipped with a 3~5x magnifying glass to clearly enlarge the object to be polished.
Being easy to move and ergonomically designed for long-term use.
Being fully controlled in the grinding box for easy operation.
Chair Side Work Station has obtained multi-national patents and is widely used in dentistry in Taiwan.

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