CR Expo 2018 Pre-registration Kicks Off Global Care & Rehabilitation Event in October


Care & Rehabilitation Expo China 2018(CR Expo), the largest exhibition of its kind in China is going to take place from October 11th to 13th, 2018, at China National Convention Center. The coming session of CR Expo covers an area of 25.000 m2, bringing together 350 leading enterprises in the field of rehabilitation, assistive devices and elderly care from home and abroad. Around 50,000 professional visitors are expected to come for this global event. During the Expo, over 30 high-level conferences and activities will be held concurrently to help participants achieve fruitful communication and cooperation.

As our 100-day countdown is on and call for the exhibition comes to an end, we feel the enthusiasm of prospective visitors rising each and every day. Considering this, an online registration program is launched to help visitors complete pre-registration, from which a registration code will be given for privileged entry to the conference.

Hub of Branded New Products and Applications

Until now, to be present at the Expo are well-known prosthetics brands including Ossur, Ottobock, REHA and ENDELAI, leaders of wheelchair brands like Kaiyang, Permobil, Dongfang, Kawamura and Matsunaga, vision aid brands like GuoHongkang, Rejoin and Mediworks R.G., hearing aid enterprises including ReSound, AST and AcoSound, rehabilitation brands represented by Xiangyu, Qianjing, Renaijiahe, AOOMAN, Baolikang and Tiger, brands of care and rehabilitation automobile including SAIC MOTOR, Shenzhen Canyou and Jinglingshun, as well as wearable robots brands like Fourier, MileBot and GOODOING. They will display the latest products, technologies and solutions of the industry, as follows: new lower limb prosthesis full-contact water pressure socket system that simulates the condition when patients wear the prosthesis and supports patient’s weight with hydrostatic pressure; new wearable lower limb exoskeleton rehabilitation robot for the gait training of patients suffering stroke and incomplete paraplegia; the world’s first AR-based head-mounted vision aid that helps low vision patients and mildly blind persons to improve their vision; canoeing device that makes use of the effect of water resistance to facilitate rehabilitation with sports; VR rehabilitation system that trains children to live in real-life situations simulated by 3-dimensional anime such as games, human-machine interaction and daily social scenes


It will be a one-stop place for rehabilitation establishments, assistive device service agencies, manufacturers and dealers, elderly care organizations, governmental departments, disabled persons and other visitors to find what they are looking for.

Rising Number of Global Exhibitors, Debut of Canada Pavilion

Up until now, international exhibitors take up over 23% of our total exhibitors, since apart from leading enterprises from within, another 14 renowned companies from Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Canada, US, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hongkong and other countries and regions are stepping up to enter Chinese market.

It’s worth mentioning that the Canada Pavilion will debut at this session of CR Expo. Co-built in collaboration with the Embassy of Canada, Canada Pavilion will gather together frontrunners of the industry in Canada who will bring their views about rehabilitation, technologies and professional fitting services here to meet the public. At the same time, the “Forum on China-Canada Cooperation in Assistive Devices” will be held to facilitate international communication between China and Canada.

Canada pavilion

Professional Conferences and Forums with Experts Sharing Insights into Industry Trends

Concurrently held with the Expo will be international summits, matchmaking conferences, as well as new product and technology conferences where more than a thousand industry elites will come together exchanging views about topics such as assistive devices, rehabilitation and medical care, artificial intelligence and elderly care. Looking forward to the frontiers of the industry, these conferences and forums will be an ideal place to seek communication and cooperation.

conferences and forums

Furthermore, there will be assistive device innovation contest, an assistive device experiencing activities for disabled persons and other remarkable events that are attractive to visitors and inspiring to enterprises who want to upgrade their products to satisfy increasingly diverse and personalized needs in the market.

Easy Steps of Pre-registration to Gain Visitor Privileges

Since now on, our online pre-registration is open to all visitors who can choose to register via CR Expo’s official website, our public account on Wechat and by calling our visitor hotline. Pre-registered visitors will have the privilege to enter the Expo through our “Quick Pass”, receive newsletters concerning the exhibition, participate in lucky draw activities and attend concurrent conference and forums.


Join us at Care & Rehabilitation Expo China 2018, October 11th-13th, China National Convention Center, Beijing!