EgyMedica in North Africa

The biggest medical exhibition & conference in Egypt and all Africa

Egymedica has dedicated another 3 showroom

-Arab Cosmo Pharma that specialized in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals field

-Egy Lab Medicine that specialized in the laboratory equipment field

-Made in Egypt that specialized in all Egyptian medical industries

Why Exhibit?
Grasp the opportunity to be part of this prestigious
event and take advantage of:
- Joining over 400 international and local Exhibitors from 15 countries.
- Meeting with the 55,000 expected visitors for the 18th session.
- Expanding your business in a new, rapidly growing market.
- Reaching a targeted Egyptian & African client base.
- Find dealers and distributors to represent your products or brands, or support your current Agent.
- Meeting owners / Chairmen and decision makers.
- Growing your client list of partners, patients, buyers and purchasers.
- Networking with medical specialists and healthcare end users.
- Benchmark your company strengths against leading companies in the medical Industry.
- Discover all that is new in all the medical fields from the biggest international organizations.

- Africa has a population of 1.2 Billion and is gradually increasing.
- It is the second largest continent in the world.
- It is always in need of medical equipments and the latest technologies in the medical field.

- Continuous increase in population.
- The Second biggest population in all Africa.
- Main gate to enter Africa.
- Easily reachable especially after the New Suez Canal which facilitated the Shipping worldwide.
- Political stability which pushed several countries to make agreements with Egyptian Government in different fields especially in the Medical field.
- Huge amounts reserved from the budget to improve and renovate Governmental Hospitals and expansion in the Governmental Medical Insurance.
- Increase in the number of hospitals, both private and Governmental.
- Medical field is the widest investment field in Egypt.

EgyMedica PDF, Download

Arab Cosmo Pharma PDF, Download