Why Exhibit?

Grasp the opportunity to be part of this prestigious event and take advantage of:
- Joining over 400 international and local Exhibitors from 15 countries.
- Meeting with the 55,000 expected visitors for the 18th session.
- Expanding your business in a new, rapidly growing market.
- Reaching a targeted Egyptian & African client base.
- Find dealers and distributors to represent your products or brands, or support your current Agent.
- Meeting owners / Chairmen and decision makers.
- Growing your client list of partners, patients, buyers and purchasers.
- Networking with medical specialists and healthcare end users.
- Benchmark your company strengths against leading companies in the medical Industry.
- Discover all that is new in all the medical fields from the biggest international organizations.

Why Egypt and Africa?

- Africa has a population of 1.2 Billion and is gradually increasing.
- It is the second largest continent in the world.
- It is always in need of medical equipments and the latest technologies in the medical field.

- Continuous increase in population.
- The Second biggest population in all Africa.
- Main gate to enter Africa.
- Easily reachable especially after the New Suez Canal which facilitated the Shipping worldwide.
- Political stability which pushed several countries to make agreements with Egyptian Government in different fields especially in the Medical field.
- Huge amounts reserved from the budget to improve and renovate Governmental Hospitals and expansion in the Governmental Medical Insurance.
- Increase in the number of hospitals, both private and Governmental.
- Medical field is the widest investment field in Egypt.

Exhibition Fields:

  1. All medical equipments and supplies for hospitals & clinics use
    - Medical Supplies, devices, Disposables, uniforms, Medical Furniture.
    - Ambulances (Cars, Accessories, Helicopter)
    - Laser and Lasik devices.
    - Repair and improve devices.
    - Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Endoscope, Gases Networks.
    - All surgical tools.
  2. All medical equipments, disposables, devices and supplies for Laboratories (EgyLab Pavilion)
  3. Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics industry (raw material, chemicals, packing materials, etc...) (Arab African Pharma (AAP) Pavilion)
  4. All medical equipments, devices, disposables and supplies for Radiology(EgyRadiology Pavilion)
  5. All medical equipments, disposables, devices and supplies for Gynecology & Obstetrics and IVF Care.(EgyGynecology Pavilion)
  6. All medical equipments, disposables, devices and supplies for Ophthalmology, Cardiology Clinics.
  7. Compensatory devices and special needs(Prostheses, orthotic devices, physiotherapy devices,gym and sports, wheel chair, adult diapers, etc...)
  8. Hospital Services, marketing (life insurance, one day surgery center, hair transplant center, private hospitals, ozone therapy, obesity & thinness centers, health care providers).