Elder Care Asia

Elder Care Asia 2017
– The 3rd Intl Exhibition & Conference on Healthcare and Lifestyle for Seniors

Elder Care Asia 2017 (ECA), held from 2-5 November is Taiwan’s only trade fair jointly organized by professional organizer Interfama from Singapore and Intercon Taiwan to address the increasing market demands for silver-care in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Taiwan's society is aging fast, and will likely meet the criteria for an “aged society” in 2018 when 14.5 percent of the population is age 65 or over, and a “super-aged society” in 2026 when that figure reaches 20.6 percent

ECA is a B2B and B2C fair with focus on products & services for senior people and promotes elder friendly facilities, active and healthy lifestyle as well as fitness products.
The show is under the auspices of the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Kaohsiung City Government and supported by 37 industry related associations. The Exhibition profile is international.

The Winner of the TAIWAN MICE AWARD 2016 for the category “Exhibition” attracted exhibitors from 14 countries and visitors from 46 countries, making it a milestone in Silver-care industry in Kaohsiung Taiwan.

Exhibits Categories

Preventive, Equipment, Product, Service
Medical care, assistive devices, wearable gadgets, workout systems, tracking, diagnostic, home care, nursing, long-term care 2.0, eHealth
Facilities, Finance, Education
Day Care Centers, Senior Friendly Facilities, Distance Home Care, Physio and Rehab, Smart Housing, Insurance, Financial and Investment Services, Mobility and Safety

Fitness, Food, Fun, Active Ageing
Sports, Exercise, Supplements, Wellness, Beauty, Anti-Ageing, Learning

Global Health Conference & Industry Forum
Attracting hundreds of Academic and Healthcare Professionals, NGOs and Public Officials to discuss about the latest trends and technology including Industry 4.0, Long-Term Care 2.0 Policy, Elder Care Center Facility Trends.

Daycare Center Demo House

180 sqm Daycare Center Demo-House to showcase facilities and equipment’s of an ideal living & caring space for the elder. Exhibitors of ECA 2017 are welcome to provide their products for display and brand exposure and hold up special events and activities.

Long-term Care 2.0 policy plan launched by Taiwan Government

In January 2017 the Taiwan government, Executive Yuan, passed the 10-year long-term care 2.0 plan. This plan allocates a budget of 40 billion NT$ (US$ 1.34 billion) per year for the next 10 years with a total budget of US$13.4 billion to subsidy the elder and disabled people. This extra budget will tremendous encourage the growing of silver care industry in Taiwan!

What to expect

  • 10,000m2 Exhibition Space
  • 2,000 professional Buyers and 40,000 visitors
  • Advanced Medical Technology and Equipment with emphasis on Elder Care
  • Day Care Center Demo House
  • Long-term Policy 2.0
  • Health Conference & Industry Forum
  • Competitive and high quality products made in Taiwan
  • Largest and Newest MICE Venue in Taiwan
  • Business Matching Service

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 2016 Post Show Report