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Numerous business opportunities in Chinese dental market

Among the 1.4 billion people in China, there are 110,000 dentists and 110,000 dental lab technicians. The ratio of dentists to total population now is 1: 12727. It was 1:100,000 in 1985, 1:50,000-60,000 in 1995, 1:25,000 in 2005 and up to now, 1:13,000 in 2010.

Thus it can be seen that the dentists have increased rapidly and the stomatology dentistry is developing fast with the booming of Chinese economy. But compared with those developed countries and regions like Europe, America and Japan, whose ratio of that is 1: 1000-2000, there is still a big gap.

Our country aims to reach the goal that every 4000-5000 persons share a dentist on average in 2030. That means in order to meet the needs of the Chinese people for dental disease treatment, oral health care and tooth esthetic, the number of stomatological hospitals and clinics in China will expand 5 times within the future 10-20 year.

With the development of Chinese stomatology dentistry and improvement of people’s living standards and consumption abilities, people’s expectation on medical techniques and services is getting higher and higher. As a result, the demand for high-class and good quality dental equipments and materials is increasing than ever. The survey on national dental diseases shows that over 97% Chinese people suffer from dental diseases and about 50% of the adult suffers from periodontal diseases and the incidence rate of decayed teeth is 37%.That means each person has 2.47 decayed teeth on average. In terms of the 1.4 billion population, there are about 500 million decayed tooth patients in the whole country with total number of over 1 billion decayed teeth. Therefore, Chinese dental market has numerous business opportunities.

 2017 Post Show Report 

22nd Dental South China International Expo

2-5 March 2017

  • The cornerstone event in China
    With exhibition scale growing year by year, Dental South China is now a trend indicator of China’s dental industry. It has enjoyed good reputation for over 23 years and has been highly recognized in China and even Asia.

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  • Numerous dental products featuring the latest and most advanced technology
    Five pavilions displayed a variety of high quality products, leading equipment and technologies which covering the entire chain of the dental industry. World leading companies like KAVO China, Dentsply Sirona, Straumann, Heraeus Kulzer, 3M, Ivoclar Vivadent Planmeca, etc have displayed  their new products at the show. Meanwhile, New Product Launch conference has been conducted and showed you advancing technologies of dental industry.
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One-stop solution for products purchasing and factory tour
Dental South China saves your time and money by offering one-stop sourcing opportunity. It is located in Guangdong Province, which produces over 40% of China’s dental equipments, and has becomed the largest dental manufacturing base and highest-level concentrated region of dental labs in China. During the visit to Dental South China, you may have an insight in dental manufacturing factories and dental labs nearby for a better knowledge of Chinese manufacturers and products.

4High quality Made-in-China dental products with favorable price
Exhibits : 1、Dentistry Furniture; 2、Dentistry Equipment;3、Dentistry Instruments;4、Dental Materials;5、Orthodontic Materials;6、Oral Care Products;7、Denture ;8、Dental Management Software ;9、Dental Teaching Supplies ;10、Communications Office System 

5Networking with dental counterparts from around the world
This year, over 56,000 visitors from 100 countries around the world visited Dental South China. Visitors made new friends , found new business, learned the latest achievement and exchange with the best minds.

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6International Buyer Program 
This program is tailored for delegation consisting of ten or more buyers. In 2017, four delegations with over 200 delegates from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Tailand join the program.

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See you in 5-8 April, 2018 !