IDEX Proceeds to Break Another Record

One of the most prestigious three oral and dental health exhibitions worldwide, IDEX Istanbul, organized by CNR Holding subsidiary, Pozitif Trade Fairs, is drawing further international attention each passing year. Having welcomed 100 international exhibitors last year, the exhibition has already raised this number to over 140. IDEX Istanbul, continuing to receive exhibitor registrations by 26-29 May 2022, will have increased the number of international exhibitors by over 50% compared to the previous year.


The first fair organization for the global dental industry in 2022, IDEX Istanbul, is also proceeding for new records on visitors. Promotional activities of IDEX Istanbul are being performed in all the continents from Asia to America, Europe, and Africa. The exhibition intends to break a new record in this area by raising the last year’s visitor number of 22.496 to over 30 thousand. 

The specially-trained BIA team of 45 people by CNR Holding is working intensively for the exhibition, which has created a new trade volume of 200 million dollars for the global oral and dental health industry. The team of BIA -Business Intelligence Agency has initially detected and contacted industry buyers from all over the world who suit to product groups of the IDEX Istanbul exhibitors. Through this system, CNR Holding will welcome international buyers determined in line with the product groups of exhibiting companies at the exhibition and enable them to meet the companies compatible with their needs. Thus, the exhibitors will be able to form new trade networks.