A-V Fistula Needle Set – Safety type

A-V Fistula needle Set with Safety protector. After injection, just push the safety-protector till covering whole needle then discard, so that it can avoid any damage during treatment.
3.1x4.95 x300mm/3.5x5.5x300mm, 15G Blue Fixed Wing /16G Green Fixed Wing /17G Orange Fixed wing , Cannula 1 inch with back eyes.

  • Info :

    Perfect Medical Industry Co., Ltd.
    Location: Taiwan

Description :

  1. Specification are shown as bellow:
    3.1x4.95 x300mm, 15Gauge Cannula 1 inch with back eyes, Blue Fixed Wing
    3.5x5.5x300mm, 16Gauge Cannula 1 inch with back eyes, Green Fixed Wing  3.1x4.95x300mm, 17Gauge Cannula 1 inch with back eyes, Orange Fixed Wing  
  2. It is sterilized by E.O.
  3. OEM available.
  4. Origin is Vietnam.
  5. A-V Fistula Needle Set has passed ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE mark and GMP standard.
  6. Expiration date: 3 years from the date of manufacture.
  7. NO-DEHP

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