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    Show Name   Exhibitions   Date   Location
icon   Aeedc Dubai   Aeedc Dubai   7~9/February, 2017   Dubai, U.A.E
icon   Dental South China   Dental South China   2~5/March, 2017   Guangzhou, China
icon   Expomed/Lab-Tech   Expomed/Lab-Tech   3/30-4/2, 2017   Istanbul, Turkey
icon   Rehacare & Orthopedic Canton 2017   Rehacare & Orthopedic Canton 2017   3/31-4/2, 2017   Guangzhou, China
icon   Dental Salon   Dental Salon   17~20/April,2017   Moscow,Russia
icon   Dental Show West China   Dental Show West China   25~28 / April , 2017   Chengdu , China
icon   iDEX   iDEX   27~30/April, 2017   Istanbul, Turkey
icon   EgyMedica   EgyMedica   4~6/May, 2017   Cairo,Egypt
icon   IRAN HEALTH   IRAN HEALTH   14~17/May, 2017   Tehran, Iran
icon   EXCIDA 57   EXCIDA 57   15~18/May, 2017   Tehran, Iran
icon   Bulmedica - Buldental   Bulmedica - Buldental   17~19/May, 2017   Sofia, Bulgaria
icon   SIDEX   SIDEX   02~04/June, 2017   Seoul,Korea
icon   ExpoMed   ExpoMed   7~9/June, 2017   Mexico City, Mexico
icon   MEDICARE TAIWAN   MEDICARE TAIWAN   15~18/June, 2017   Taipei, Taiwan
icon   SenCARE   SenCARE   15~18/June, 2017   Taipei, Taiwan
icon   Myanmar Phar-Med Expo   Myanmar Phar-Med Expo   5~7/July, 2017   Yangon, Myanmar
icon   Medicall Expo   Medicall Expo   28~30/July, 2017   Chennai, India
icon   MediPharm Expo   MediPharm Expo   17~19/August, 2017   Vietnam, Hochiminh City
icon   Health Asia   Health Asia   22~24/August, 2017   Karachi,Pakistan
icon   Medical Fair Thailand   Medical Fair Thailand   06~08/September, 2017   Thailand, Bankok
icon   Combodia Phar-Med   Combodia Phar-Med   15-17/September, 2017   Phnom Penh, Cambodia
icon   Dental-Expo   Dental-Expo   25~28/September,2017   Moscow,Russia
icon   ExpoMedical   ExpoMedical   27~29/September, 2017   Buenos Aires,Argentina
icon   Rehacare   Rehacare   04~07/October, 2017   Dusseldorf, Germany
icon   Medicall Expo   Medicall Expo   06~08/October, 2017   Indai, Mumbai
icon   World Dental Show (WDS)   World Dental Show (WDS)   27-29/October, 2017   Mumbai, India
icon   Dentech China   Dentech China   25~28/October, 2017   Shanghai, China
icon   MEDICA   MEDICA   13~16/November, 2017   Duesseldorf, Germany
icon   SIC   SIC   /November, 2017   Guangzhou, China
icon   GCA   GCA   02-05/November, 2017   Kaohsiung, Taiwan
icon   ECA   ECA   02-05/November, 2017   Kaohsiung, Taiwan
icon   EyafExpo   EyafExpo   30/November~3/December, 2017   Istanbul, Turkey
icon   Zdravookhraneiye   Zdravookhraneiye   04~08/December, 2017   Moscow, Russia
icon   Medi-Pharm Expo   Medi-Pharm Expo   7~9/December, 2017   Hanoi, Vietnam

  Please Note:
We provide theinformation as a service to readers, but since show dates are
always subject to change, we advise readers to check with the organizers before
making any travel arrangements.
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