Portal Banner

  • Suitable for branding or dialogue-based advertising campaigns.
  • Appears on Portal of TradeWinds.
  • Link to your website.
  • Dimensions:1200px wide X 500px high.
  • Price: US$ 6,000 for a year.
sketch map

Excellent Brand

  • Link to your website.
  • Dimensions:110px wide X 83px high.
  • Price: US$ 2,500 for a year.


  • Design a billboard to attract attention. 
  • Link to your website.
  • Dimensions:634px wide X 355px high.
  • Price: US$ 3,500 for a year.

Priority Product

  • Create an account in TradeWinds member.
  • Portal of TradeWinds products
  • Dimensions:450px wide X 350px high.
  • Price: US$ 1,500 for a year.

Exhibitions Cooperate Package

  • Exhibition banner that link to your website.
  • The information in exhibitions calendar.
  • Update the exhibition news.
  • Advertising space in MHS or DES(Full page).
  • Dimensions:110px wide X 83px high, 150px wide X 30px high.
  • Price: US$ 3,500 for a year.